Thunderstorms delay Endurance Race

General News 05 July 2009 - The second leg of the Italian Grand Prix of the Sea has been delayed due to heavy rain and thunderstorms. SNAV OSG owner and throttleman Giancarlo Cangiano and fellow Italian Giovanni Carpitella are keen for the clouds to clear as they wait anxiously to repeat their Sprint race success.

“We really want to be out there racing” explains Cangiano, “and with the weather like this it is very frustrating. We have not been able to get in as much testing as we would under normal circumstances and this has the potential to be detrimental to the race. The swell is certainly bigger today, however our boat was excellent yesterday and we are confident we should be able to repeat the same performance today.”


05Jul09 01

The inclement weather and rough conditions has forced P1 officials to put today’s Endurance race in San Benedetto del Tronto back by one hour. The race will now begin at 1500 local time.