Q & A with Hannes Bohinc

General News 02 September 2009 - The name Hannes Bohinc is synonymous with top-flight powerboat racing, having established himslef as a highly experienced and accomplished racer.

So, who better than Bohinc himself to give his thoughts on his season thus far as the Powerboat P1 World Championship heads to Sicily for the final Grand Prix of the Sea of 2009?

Q. Are Giancarlo and yourself happy with your form at the moment?

Yes, particularly the first race in Sweden where everything went to plan, the communication was good and our intuitive understanding - that is particularly important in sports such as powerboating and rally - was strong.

In the second race we had problems with out intercom which made things more difficult. We did not appear to have the same speed that we had enjoyed earlier in the weekend but our ambition was to win the Scandinavian Grand Prix and improve our points differential with Cigarette Smash Poker and Silverline and we achieved all three.

Q. Do you think you can still take the Evolution-class World Championship - or are Silverline too far ahead?

After our results in Italy and Sweden we are probably the favourites although we must keep a careful eye on Cigarette Smash Poker. If we finish both races in Sicily we will receive 50 reliability points and therefore have only 25 points to make up on Silverline in the races. We will then have to finish just two places ahead of Silverline in the two remaining rounds which, unless they find an extra 15mph from somewhere, would seem do able based upon our respective current forms.


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Q. Are the team happy with the season so far, or frustrated that you are not top despite having the best boat and team?

Very happy with the season and our three GP wins. The camaraderie is good, the engine/boat package is excellent and Giancarlo has assembled a highly professional operation. We also have Giovanni Carpitella, the best team manager and reserve pilot in the business. We were frustrated in Turkey but that is Motorsport and you just have to look forward. Every racer at every level knows that despite all the best possible preparation man, machine and the elements can sometimes be a volatile cocktail.

Q. What are your ambitions for Sicily?

Firstly to finish both races and then to secure enough race points to win the Grand Prix.

Q. Will you be using the next month to try and improve the boat?

Yes, in competitive sport it is always the ambition to improve on the last performance. Giancarlo,Giovanni and Paul Fiore of Outerlimits will ensure that the boat arrives in Sicily with best possible configuration to compete.