Powerboat P1 2009 - 2

took pole on the eve of the first round of the 2009 Championship in Malta, firing an early warning to the competition in the process. Controversy reigned over the following days as both the Cigarette Smash Poker and Lucas Oil Budweiser boats were handed 3 minute time penalties having passed on the wrong side of the first buoy, but the penalties were reversed under protest and SNAV OSG in the hands of Bohinc and Cangiano took third place in the first race of the season.

There was no stopping them, however, in round two as the 74-mile Maltese Grand Prix of the Sea gave them a first victory of 2009 and the lead in the Evolution class after two rounds of the World Championship.

By this time, Bohinc was becoming increasingly familiar with the petrol powered craft, while his partnership with Cangiano was strengthening just as rapidly. “Our partnership was improving lap by lap and this is a fantastic end to a great weekend for everyone associated with the team.” the Italian said. Bohinc added: “The petrol engine requires different disciplines to diesel and we are still on a learning curve but this is a very satisfying start. Well done to everyone at OSG and Outerlimits for preparing the boat so well.”

Rounds three and four would take the competitors to the Turkish capital, Istanbul, as OSG Racing looked to take advantage of an excellent opening to the 2009 Championship. Despite a promising start, taking third in the PowerPole, the new partnership of Bohinc and Carpitella – racing in place of Cangiaro,