OSG satisfied...but the belgians are coming!

General News 08 August 2009 - Hannes Bohinc and Giancarlo Cangiano finished second behind the Belgium boat, Furnibo, in this afternoon’s PowerPole for the Scandinavian Grand Prix of the Sea, and announced their satisfaction with the set-up of the boat on the eve of the season’s penultimate event.

“The boat is handling well and we have the outright speed to compete at the front”, says Bohinc, the 2005 P1 World Champion.

“Tomorrow is a crucial race for the team and we must be in the mix from the very start if we are to make a big impression.”

The start of tomorrows GP first-leg involves a 3 mile dash to the first buoy and the race outcome may well be determined by boat positions out of that turn.

The Mercury - powered Outerlimits, SNAV OSG, will face strong competition from the in-form Belgians and the Italian Cigarette boat. With flat waters predicted, it will be a fast and furious race.

The Evolution Championship leaders, Silverline, failed to complete the PowerPole, suffering a broken gear box early into the sprint lap.




07Aug09 02

Scandinavian Grand Prix of the Sea : Gothenburg, Sweden

Evolution Powerpole Result

1 -  33 -  Furnibo -  BEL

2 -  88 -  SNAV OSG -  IT

3 -  10 -  Cigarette Smash Poker -  IT

47 -  Bullet Racing -  GBR -  DNF

66 -  Cranefields Wine -  DE -  DNS

77 -  Lucas Oil Budweiser -  USA -  DNS