No Turkish Delight For OSG

Hannes Bohinc and Giovanni Carpitella were forced to retire SNAV OSG during the first lap of the third round of the World Championship when the belt powering the superchargers snapped.

It was a disappointing end for Bohinc and Carpitella who were leading the first leg of the Turkish Grand Prix.

With the World Championship leaders forced out of the race on lap one, Lucas Oils Outerlimits, moved to the front and commanded the race, winning from the Belgium boat, Furnibo, competing in their first race of the season.

Third place went to the Italian Cigarette of Luca Fendi and Matteo Nicolini.

The OSG Racing team will now work on the boat to ensure that it is ready for tomorrow’s 73 nautical mile endurance race.

Hannes Bohinc, Driver, OSG Racing:

“We were leading and the boat felt very fast. That’s racing and we must now re-group, get the boat ready and win tomorrow.”

Giovanni Carpitella, Throttleman, OSG Racing:

“We moved into the lead and were lining up for the turn when the belt broke. Until that point we were very confident that the boat could win the race. Now we must ensure that we are back for tomorrow’s Endurance race.”



20Jun09 01

Turkish Grand Prix of the Sea : Istanbul, Turkey

Provisional Sprint Race Result

1 -  77 -  Lucas Oil Budweiser -  USA -  33:17:97

2 -  33 -  Furnibo -  BE -  33:41:16

3 -  10 -  Cigarette Smash Poker -  IT -  34:03:77

4 -  47 -  Silverline -  GBR -  34:05:57

5 -  66 -  Cranefields Wine -  DE -  34:42:07

88 -  SNAV OSG -  IT -  RET

53 -  Metamarine Pignolo 53 -  IT -  DNS