Harmsworth Trophy 2003 - 3

of ‘The Harmsworth’.
Round the Island

After the stress and pressure of carrying out the repairs, the crew arrived at Cowes just in time and started the second leg of the challenge holding more than their breath, the paint was still wet as they put the boat in the water to go out to the start. The weather was again English in character, and despite exceptional seas in the Needles Channel, bigger than in the first heat, everything held together. They came home to the winner’s gun as they crossed the Squadron line, two down and one to go, now it only needed a ‘finish’ in the Cowes-Torquay-Cowes to collect the trophy.

Unfortunately their ‘support crew’ during the repairs operations, Lord Normanton, in his boat ‘Premier Crew’ had one of their new 2000 hp supercharged Chevrolet engines fail on the run to St. Catherine‘s Point, ending his hope that a Harmsworth Trustee would win the trophy in its centenary year.

Cowes - Torquay - Cowes

All preparatory checks on ‘Wettpunkt’ had been completed for the final leg, and weather conditions were very good. Although Hannes was leading, the Ribs had been constantly on his tail, pushing hard in the flat. Andy Macateer in Eraser II‘ was trying to overcome their Needles result, and kept close behind, forcing Hannes to keep the throttles hard down. Lyme bay was calm with a long lazy swell and they were just