Fiore declares outerlimits ready for action!

General News 12 September 2009 - The Outerlimits powerboat of the OSG Racing team is ready for action following yesterday’s surface repair on the eve of the Powerboat P1 Grand Prix of Sicily.

The boat had struck debris during the first practice session and as a precaution the affected area was made good over night.

SNAV OSG lines-up for the seasons finale as favourite to take the Evolution class world title.

“We hit some debris which is an everyday hazard of racing and there was slight damage to a leading edge,” confirmed Paul Fiore, Outerlimits Powerboats.

“Our boats are built to last and pretty much bullet proof. If this had been a pleasure boat it would not have warranted any work.

But we are challenging to win the world championship and the slightest damage demands attention. It was very easy to fix and probably overkill on our part. SNAV OSG is now out on the water testing and once again looks to be the pace setter.”



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“We have won three out of four Grand Prix events and will be aiming for victory this weekend and the world championship,” says Hannes Bohinc, driver, SNAV OSG.

“The Outerlimits boat is the star performer in Powerboat P1 and deserves the title.”