Festival showdown looms for Powerboat racers

Cowes-Torquay - 25 August 2010 -- As the days and hours count down to Friday’s eagerly awaited UIM Marathon World Cup in Cowes, reigning Powerboat P1 World Champion Hannes Bohinc has declared Wettpunkt.com – his FPT powered FB design RIB – ready for action.

50 craft are expected for this weekend’s British Powerboat Festival, making it the largest assembly of powerboats anywhere in the world this year.

Other top contenders include last year’s winner Marcus Hendricks in Cinzano and the Red FPT of three-time Cowes Torquay Cowes winner, Fabio Buzzi. The Italian’s 47footer is capable of generating over 2,400 horse power thanks to its four state of the art FPT engines.

Also in contention is Sussex-based Darren Hook, who came third overall in 2009, and father and son duo Drew and Ali Langdon in Silverline.

The accomplished international racers from Exeter have considerable experience of racing in the English Channel.

Bohinc considers Langdon, whom he has competed against on numerous occasions, the dark horse of the event.

“Drew is a good seaman and very calculated,” explains the Austrian.


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“Like ourselves, he will not have the power for outright speed but, wherever he races, he is always in contention.”

Another competitor Bohinc is watching closely is Italian Mario Invernizzi, whose boat Kerakoll will also be powered by the latest FPT engines.

Comments Bohinc: “In 2005, Kerakoll and Wettpunkt.com battled all season for the P1 World Championship, it was an epic battle fought to the final race when we eventually clinched the title.

“The defining moment, however, was in Cowes in mid-season when Kerakoll missed a buoy and we took victory; that was a bitter pill and has not been forgotten by Invernizzi.”