Casino Tivoli a Winner For Bohinc

General News - 09 November 2010 -- When Hannes Bohinc bought his first boat, even he could not have predicted the wave of achievement that was to come over the next 18 years.

A keen seaman since 1984, Austrian Bohinc, who had already built up his successful business empire, took part in his first competitive race in 1992, the Venice-Monte Carlo.

It was from here that his powerboating career hit top gear.

With so many craft – not to mention races – to look back on with fondness, which does the man himself rate as his favourite?

"Admiral Casino Tivoli," he states.

"I achieved some very important wins with this boat during the 90s including the Venice-Montecarlo, the British International Harmsworth Trophy, the Martini Trophy, and 2nd and 3rd place in the Superboat World Championship in Key West, Florida.

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"The Cowes-Torquay-Cowes is my preferred race, especially the 2003 event when we won it, along with the British International Harmsworth Trophy in her Centennial anniversary year."For more on the powerboating history of Hannes Bohinc click here.