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a forced host of early retirements in what has been aptly described since its formation in 1961 as one of the toughest endurance races on the planet. was one of those adversely affected and was forced to withdraw shortly after the start of the race following power loss in the starboard engine.

It was a massive disappointment to Bohinc and his team as they looked for an historic third victory in the event. “We tested the boat in between the two heats and everything seemed fine,” he explained in the aftermath. “The circumstances meant that our boat would have struggled to complete the course and we reluctantly decided to retire.”

Fabio Buzzi – alongside fellow Italian Emilio Riganti and Englishman Simon Powell – and Red FPT again came out on top with a time of three hours and 25 minutes to lift the coveted Beaverbrook and Harmsworth trophies. Despite his frustration with the outcome of the racing, Bohinc did hint that he expects to return to the English south coast to once again compete for his third Cowes Torquay Cowes title – but not with the FB39. He stated: “I am particularly sad for the team, who have worked very hard without reward. One thing is clear, when we come back to Cowes, it will be with a race boat, not a pleasure craft.”