An Empty Weekend For OSG

The unpredictability of motorsport was never more visible than in Istanbul this weekend as the OSG Racing team, fresh from a win in Malta looked to continue its winning ways and further extend its World Championship lead.

Fastest in practice for the Turkish Grand Prix of the Sea and then heading the field on the opening lap of Saturdays Sprint race, the belt driving the superchargers snapped to force a premature end.

The Italian OSG team is a championship contender and prides itself on its engineering excellence so despite the set back, SNAV OSG - powered by Mercury engines - was back on the water this morning in readiness for the afternoons Endurance event. Then an engine blew during practice and it was all hands to the pump with just two hours to spare.

After much furious activity and an impressive team effort, a new engine was fitted with five minutes to the start but the boat would not fire-up and the opportunity to amass further championship points was lost.

It was a major disappointment for pilots, Hannes Bohinc and Giovanni Carpitella and in particular for the hardworking mechanics and engineers of OSG and Outerlimits Powerboats.

Exhausted and unfulfilled, the team will now re group and prepare for the Italian Grand Prix taking place in San Bernadetto del Tronto over the weekend of 3-5 July.

The 73 nautical mile Endurance race was won by the Cigarette boat of Nicolini and Fendi, with Furnibo, the Belgium boat in second and Italian team, Metamarine, in third.

The British boat Silverline now moves to the head of the leaderboard after four races with SNAV OSG slipping to fourth place.


21Jun09 01

Hannes Bohinc, Driver, OSG Racing:

“We came here knowing that a win was a strong possibility but it was not to be and we must now look forward to Italy and put the disappointment of the weekend behind us. I would like to express my thanks to the OSG and Outerlimits engineers who did everything possible to get the boat race ready in the heat and with the clock ticking. It was an heroic effort.”

Giovanni Carpitella, Throttleman, OSG Racing:

“This weekend promised so much and delivered so little. We shall now get the boat back to Lecco and make sure everything is ready for the next race.”

Turkish Grand Prix of the Sea : Istanbul, Turkey

Provisional Edurance Race Result    Powerboat P1 World Championship Standings 
 Evolution Class - Rounds 3 and 4 - Provisional
1 -  10 -  Cigarette Smash Poker -  IT  1 -  47 -  Silverline -  GBR -  313
2 -  33 -  Fumibo -  BE  2 -  10 -  Cigarette Smash Poker -  IT -  281
3 -  53 -  Metamarine Pignolo 53 -  IT 3 -  77 -  Lucas Oil Budweiser -  USA -  271
4 -  47 -  Silverline -  GBR 4 -  88 -  SNAV OSG -  IT -  181
77 -  Lucas Oil Budweiser -  USA -  RET 5 -  33 -  Fumibo -  BE -  180
5 -  66 -  Cranefields Wine -  DE -  RET 6 -  66 -  Cranefields Wine -  DE -  132
88 -  SNAV OSG -  IT -  RET 7 -  53 -  Metamarine Pignolo 53 -  IT -  81