2009 World Champions - Bohinc, Cangiano and Carpitella!

Hannes Bohinc, Giancarlo Cangiano and Giovanni Carpitella were crowned 2009 Evolution class World Champions as the OSG Racing teams Mercury- powered Outerlimits powerboat took second place behind Furnibo in the final race of the P1 season.

It was a fitting end for SNAV OSG, the championships dominant boat, winner of three Grand Prix events and podium finishes in eight of a possible ten races.

After winning yesterdays Sprint race, the Italian team knew that a clear run would be enough for world honours and today’s pilots, team owner and throttleman, Giancarlo Cangiano and driver Giovanni Carpitella, successfully completed a mission that Austrian Hannes Bohinc and Cangiano started back in May with victory in the Grand Prix of Malta.

In winning today’s endurance race, the Belgium boat piloted by Pierre Colpin, Frank Hemelaer and Benjamin Van Riet took the win in the Sicilian Grand Prix with SNAV OSG second and fellow Italians Metamarine third.

The championship challenge of Cigarette Smash Poker ended off the water when the team were disqualified for cheating at yesterdays weigh-in.


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The race also counts towards the Italian championship, and no one wants an Austrian winning that too!”

“I dedicate this world championship to my wife and our baby,” exclaims a delighted Cangiano.“We have worked hard all season to achieve this and I am proud of everyone who has helped to make this possible. Hannes Bohinc decided to allow GiovanniCarpitella to race this weekend which was a marvellous gesture and demonstrates that team work and camaraderie are at every level of the OSG organisation.”

“We stand for show, sport and points and have once again achieved our goal in each of these. We are ready to share the OSG expertise to new teams entering the sport.”

The pre race leaders,  Silverline, piloted by Britons, Drew Langdon and Jan Falkowski completed a miserable weekend in fourth place, finishing runners-up in the world standings.

Hannes Bohinc was naturally ecstatic at the end. “ OSG Racing deserves this world crown after winning three out of 5 Grand Prix.

We have been the best prepared team with the best overall package. It has been an exciting and rewarding season and I have enjoyed the challenge and the camaraderie. It feels good to be a double P1 world champion.”

“I took the decision to allow Giovanni to race this weekend,” continues Bohinc.” He has been an important part of the team, is an excellent driver and I knew that he would make the most of his opportunity.

The Sicilian Grand Prix of the Sea (Round 10)

Endurance Race Result– Evolution Class

1   33 -  Furnibo – BEL - 100

2 - 88   -  SNAV OSG -  IT -  90

3 -  53 - Metamarine Pignolo – IT - 81

4 - 47 -  Silverline -  GBR   -  73

DNF -  77 -  Lucas Oil Outerlimits -  USA

DNF - 66 -  Cranefields Wine -  DE

DNS - 10 -  Cigarette Smash Poker -  IT
Powerboat P1 World Championship

Evolution Class Standings

1 - 88 - SNAV OSG - IT - 811

2 - 47 - Silverline - GBR - 779

3 - 33 - Furnibo - BE - 551

4 - 77 - Lucas Oil Outerlimits - US - 484

5 - 53 - Metamarine Pignola 53 - IT - 356

6 - 53 - Cigarette Smash Poker - IT - 356

7 - 66 - Cranefields Wine - DE - 205